Memorial Services

I perform caring, spiritual memorial services that are uplifting.  They are filled with an appreciation of the person’s life.  We celebrate who they are and what they have contributed.  We dwell on the continuation of life and don’t see their passing as an ending, but as a transition to a non-physical, pure positive energy state of being.   Each ceremony is unique because each person is special.

I also counsel those that need help to let go of the resistance to what is happening so they can eventually accept and fill with appreciation of their loved one.


Thoughts and reflections on Lara De Ann’s memorial service for James La Manna. Being a devout Lutheran, we believe that we should pray for people when they are alive, as when they die, it’s too late. They are already where they are supposed to be, as they went before God for judgment.

I was somewhat skeptical when my friend Caroline told me she had engaged Lara to perform Jim’s Non Christian memorial service. Since Jim was a baptized, somewhat practicing Christian, I prepared a short christian service to supplement Lara’s.

When Jim died, I felt that a part of me had gone with him. We were close friends, and spent a lot of time together. We had much in common.

My first impression of Lara was one of a peaceful person. No negativity came from her. I must say that Jim’s memorial was beautiful, and well put together. At times I felt that Jim was speaking to us through Lara. A lot of my anxiety and stress were relieved at her service, which did acknowledge God and the Divine Master.

I left Palm Springs feeling my life had been enriched with meeting with Lara, and my experiences with her, and I know Jim would have felt the same way.

Thank you Lara for the beautiful memory’s.

Gerald Perry

Dear Lara, Thank you for the memorial that you so gracefully and professionally put together. I was told that it was the best memorial some of the guests had ever attended.

Carolyn Relei

I have never been to a more inspirational memorial service that both shed light on the gift of life as well as honored its passing. I was so impressed by Lara’s intuitive connection to the person that passed on without even knowing him. She gave light to the hour of mourning and supported the people present.

Michelyn Flynn