To the Little Girl

Little Girl, Beware and be weary

Do not believe what you hear from your friends

Who watch the movies and read the fairy tales that we forbid

Do not listen to their stories,

To their wishes and fancies, woes and complaints.

They will tell you about a world of love outside of themselves

Of men loving them and them only

Of their true love sweeping them off of their feet

Forever and ever and ever

Caught in a trance dance without feet

And no ground to call home

Just a whirlwind of wishes

Without realization nor reality.

Do not listen to their sorrows

To their sob stories of the aftermath of a high that has descended

To the destruction of their soul

Through the heart of pain and broken dreams.

Do not go where they go,

I forbid you to ruin your mind and taint your future.

You are not to find love outside of yourself in the whimsy of a hormonal male

Looking to fill his cup with an empty vase that can hold his essence

Do not be void of your own sense of fullness

Do not fall prey to the trance of chemical attraction

Wait and observe, witness and be patient

If love comes at all, let it come from a different place

Do not succumb to the death of your own will

By the mesmerizing dance of seduction

It is only temporary, but is like a poison that controls to no end

Stay steadfast on your own goal,

Stay strong in your own focus.

Love may come, if it comes at all

In a calmly cultivated package of meaningful truths

But never as a substitute for your own self-love

And never as a band aid to fill emptiness with illusion



Vegan Memories

I’m in the middle,

Not the end

Reaching high

Until I reach a bend

Then going low

And wishing

I were someone else

But who would I be?

I wouldn’t be me.

I’d be someone who didn’t care about the mountains

I’d be someone who didn’t want to save cows and chickens, goats and sheep

I’d be someone who didn’t cook your vegan dinner

I’d be someone who didn’t care at all


I get so high

I don’t even remember my yesterday

Forgot the blues

Looking down at my shoes

And what happened the day before

When I stayed in bed till four


I got so high

I couldn’t even remember

That I ever got down


But then I crossed a border

Went south in my own soul

Drove myself into a corner

And wished that I was on another planet

That I didn’t see the bad and feel it in my veins

That I didn’t want to shoot myself to make it all over

When you kill my cousins

Just to put them on your dinner plate.


Then I got so high

I couldn’t even remember

That I ever had a bad day.

Didn’t remember that I cared so much

Beyond the music moving my Soul

Taking me to some unknown heaven

To take a break from this lonely planet.


Didn’t remember that there were others outside my doors

Being cruel to one another

Not caring about the future

Mine nor yours

Not caring about those who care

Just inflicting pain

As if to make their own less.


But it doesn’t.


I took a break from this lonely planet

Closed my eyes to the killing and shame

Wrapped myself in all my blankets

As if to shield myself from the pain.


I didn’t remember how rude you were

That you talked about eating my best friends

And removing their horns.

Didn’t remember that I felt ruined

When you told me you like barbeques

Knowing the grill was void of eggplant, potato and corn

And that you killed another friend

Or worse – got someone to do it for you

So you could keep looking in the mirror

Without hating your own reflection.


I got so high

I couldn’t even remember

That I cared so much


Then I went down to my knees

Forgot I ever got so high

And felt the pain all over again

When I went to the market

And passed by the butcher section

I thought I saw a leg,

I thought I saw some eyes looking back at me

With gaping open mouths,

I thought I saw ground guts and fried brains

Thought I smelled dead flesh

And saw more friends spinning slowly round in circles

By skewers piercing what was once their heart

In hot ovens, for all to see


I covered my eyes

And forgot I ever got so high

Forgot I ever took a break from this lonely planet

To dance instead to the music of my Soul

That wishes now to only run and hide

While you tell me again

About your new couch, cowhide.


I forgot I ever got so high….





Paper Heart

My heart is made of paper mache

and doesn’t hold up well in the rain.

My heart is made of paper mache

and gets blown in the wind on a stormy day

It cannot be protected from even the mildest pain

My heart is made of paper mache.

I wish I could pour bronze over it

Or bury it a thousand leagues under the sea

It wouldn’t be torn apart, or shredded, melted,

Or lost and wounded like a bewildered ghost torn from its grave.

My heart is made of paper mache

Do not look at me, I may get confused.

I may think your curiosity is interest

And weave a story of amazing love

Do not share with me your thoughts and concerns

For I might make that mean

that you want to combine your heart with mine

and make my paper heart stronger with yours, bolstering its fragility

Do not come close only to back away

For my heart is made of paper mache

And it doesn’t hold up in the rain.


No Rhyme, Just Reason

When we finally realize

that we’ve been given a life

-but for a long time

Lived it on another’s term

in another’s way

obligating our way to heaven

which never came anyway

Someday we realize

It’s all been a rhyme

we couldn’t wrap our beat around.

It seemed so trite and pointless,

rhyming words for no reason

just because they sounded the same

and looked similar

When we finally realize

ours doesn’t have to rhyme

nor does it have to have seams,

zippers, buttons, clasps and ties

to keep us all together

in seemingly one piece

I am not that.

But, I didn’t know it.

I didn’t know

that what really mattered to me

only mattered to me.

So I tried to make what mattered

stretch to other matters

Expand to matter to others.

When we finally realize

that some music

can only be heard by the one

playing it inside,

sometimes silently, sometimes loudly,

inside or outside,

it was only heard by the one.

When we finally realize

what matters

may only matter to us.

Ancient Warmth

I miss your toes,

I wake up missing you

Go to sleep missing you

Spend the day pretending I don’t miss you

I walk the Earth now without you

But you glide above me

My arms no longer fit around your torso

My eyes no longer meet your eyes

Though your energy caresses me

You are here, yet also there

I am almost here and not yet there

I walk in-between hoping to find you

I find neither you nor myself

I wait for your return in another

I make you there

Force their arms to be yours

Their voice with you behind it

You were my Ancient Warmth

That wrapped around me safety

You cradled me, shielded me

Braced and embraced me

I leaned on your Ancient Warmth

To bring me Home

Now I must find my own Ancient Warmth

Inside of myself

I wanted you to do it for me

So I wouldn’t have to rise to my own occasion

I wanted to always hide my strength

Behind yours

Now you stepped aside physically

And I feel exposed

God does this to wake me.

Do Not Hurry

Do not hurry

There will be time for everything,

At least, that is, everything that is really important.

Do not hurry,

Just sit to watch the water

falling to the next rock,

follow a drop with your eyes

and watch it.

Do not hurry.

And then you may realize

The Gratitude you feel

For having eyes to see.

Do not hurry.

And when you begin to slow

And see, and watch

Slowly, one Gratitude begets another

And having eyes to see

Now also becomes Gratitude

For legs that have gotten you this far along the road.

And though at times,

You may call this road long and lonely,

It is a good road,

When you take away

The demands you place upon it.

When you do not hurry

You make friends with those on the road

And become Grateful for them as well.

Then it is no longer a long road,

But a road long enough

But feels short when you get near the end.

Then the road is now not lonely,

But quietly serene,

As you enjoy your own company,

That sometimes gets complimented by another,

In the appropriate timing.

Then it is no longer a long and lonely road,

But dips and forks when it should

And becomes gravel and back to paved

When you are ready,

When you do not hurry,

But let life be its own experience

Without your constant input

Of how your ego mind thinks it should go.

Relax.  Surrender.  Receive.  Allow.  And Trust.

And Trust these words that you hear whispered to you

When you are quiet enough to hear Me inside,

Between your nervous breaths,

Do not hurry!

I have put enough flowers on your path

For you to be inspired.

I’ve put enough people

for you to hear the words you need

From those who have opened their ears

To hear the words I planted there

So they might speak

And share Universal Wisdom.

I’ve put enough food on the Earth

For you to be nourished by

So that you have energy to dance

When you finally feel Me in your feet.

I’ve put enough rhythm in your Soul

For you to sing your way to Heaven.

Go now, but do not hurry.

Each step leads you somewhere

And you must listen in the silence

To hear the appropriate direction.

Go now, but do not hurry,

The road is long enough

But feels short when you get near the end.

Oceans of Love

We often swim in oceans,

Hoping to find one that moves our current

Just in the right direction

Hoping to find one that always sees us with loving eyes

And helps us to see ourselves in greater ways

Love is this mutual support

That reminds us that We are love

And helps us to express this exquisite energy

To channel this vast ocean of delight

Into feelings that can be received

by open arms.

You now both swim together

Feeling held in love’s bay.

You are amongst the lucky ones

Whom have met their soulmate

in just the right conditions

for sharing your lives

by uniting in this holy matrimony.


May you explore the oceans of love

Deepening your commitment

By diving many leagues down

To dwell in the stillness of what is infinite

By becoming the essence of compassion


When we truly understand another,

We receive them, fully

Just as the ocean receives what swims in it

Receive then, receive with open arms

And remain receptive, like the water

That always makes space for change.

Be sturdy, like the land

That is like an eternal vase

Holding the energy of acceptance.

Be generous,

Like the sun

That warms us even in the winter.

And remain playful in your hearts

As you swim together in the oceans of love


Love as Living Art

Love wants to come out

Wants to demonstrate

Wants to caress

Wants to march

To run

To dance

It has no boundaries

It’s only desire, to be expressed

Some translate love into art

Into writing

Into cooking

Into sailing

Into dancing

Into singing

Some care for others

Some feed animals

Some feed people

Some travel around the world

And look at things

Some make it a big deal

Others express love quietly

In their own unique way

Unseen by most.

A couple to be married

Expresses their Love to each other

And makes an art of that

They exquisitely care for the other

They communicate impeccably

The uniting of their lives

is a holy undertaking

It is a living art

They have to give life to Understanding

Life to Compassion

Life to being Good Listeners

Life to being Good Enthusiasts

They have to bring Support

into each other’s lives

Helping the other reach their Dreams

some of which they share

others of which are uniquely their own.

They lead other couples by example

“Look!” they remind

“Look what Love can create!”

And their Love is alive because it is creative

It moves, it breathes,

it becomes all of who they are

They learn together every facet

of what Love means

Their life journey becomes the discovery of Love

in all that they do

in all that they are.

Marriage then, is not only about

Committing to one another,

it is about expressing Love

as Living Art

It moves, it grows, it learns

It teaches, it creates expansion

It pushes open the heart-center

from horizon to way past horizon.

Let this Love take you Home

to your True Selves

Let it wash away all that no longer serves

Let it expand your heart

so that your actions are infused with Grace

Let is saturate you

so that your state of being

becomes like a flowering poem

rhyming in all the right places

and pausing to allow feelings

at all the right times.

Let this Love become who you are

Learn to share it

as Living Art

that has no museum

but is displayed everywhere you are

letting the vibration of Love

pave the Way for all to follow.




Your Love

One day you will be able to describe the indescribable

One day you will be able to put down on paper your feelings and emotions

But on this day, they are in flight, they cannot be put to words

They dance on the wind and sing in your ears

They flutter about your face like lillies turned to butterflies

You cannot describe the feelings of Love when Love has you distracted by its very nature

You cannot concentrate on form and sentence when this energy lifts you far from earth

And yet one day, you will force yourself, you will somehow describe just how Love feels.

Always, always we strive to describe this Love that has not boundaries  nor explanations

It is beyond comprehension, yet we wish to contain it anyway

And attempt to share our feelings

It is useless, this love cannot be tamed and cannot be described

Rather I can sing to you and hum the tones that the hummingbirds make

– in the silence of the morning

Theirs are a flight in every direction, limitless, multi-dimensional,

Maybe we should just look to the unlimited flight of the hummingbird to explain this love

What a waste to attempt to put meaning on that which is beyond our comprehension

Better to just watch the hummingbird in flight and point to its magnificence.

There, that brilliance, that miraculous miracle, that freedom of flight

That is the feeling of Love when I cannot describe its ecstasy

I can just point to a flying miracle, there that is how it feels, that feeling right there,

The unlimited flight of a hummingbird,

those are the wordless sentiments that describe what cannot be spoken.

The miracle of Love taking flight.